About Cleerly

About Cleerly

There are a handful of services that help you locate software, however, in our experience there are several problems with each of them.

  1. They “sell leads” to providers. This causes a conflict of interest as they are motivated to sell as many as possible thus defeating the primary objective of finding you the right software.
  2. They charge vendors up front for leads. Because vendors are forced to pay for leads unseen they often receive poor matches and pay for leads they already have.
  3. You have to speak to a representative. Most reps are based overseas and read from a knowledge base. Their recommendations are based on meeting quotas not serving your needs.
  4. There is no science to the recommendation process. It’s a numbers game – get as many prospects out to providers no matter the cost.

Cleerly is different.  We have been recommending software to our customers for over 20 years. Most of that time was spent one-on-one with clients helping them define their needs and find the best software to meet those needs. We have taken combined decades of experience and built sophisticated matrices and algorithms to pinpoint exactly what our clients should buy.

Taking that technology one step further we created Cleerly in 2013. Using a short online questionnaire with highly targeted questions we can from thousands of possible options identify 2-3 solutions that match your specific needs. All of this happens in minutes without having to speak to a representative or be subject to high pressure sales techniques.

It’s easy to do, there is no obligation and you will not be bombarded with calls or emails. Only 2 or 3 matching solutions will contact you, usually within minutes of receiving your online submission.

Save hours of research, avoid pressured sales and keep your name out of the SPAM queue. Fill out the Cleerly online questionnaire by clicking the button below and let us help you Find the Right Software.

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Our relationships with thousands of vendors means we can offer our service for free to you as vendors pay us lower than average fees for only the sales they close. It’s a win-win for everyone.