How to Find and Compare the Best Software for Business and Personal Use

It’s not easy finding software for your business or personal needs. There are so many options and wading through reviews and descriptions is a monumental task. Don’t you wish there was a better way to find the right software?

Cleerly makes finding the right software easy. Instead of reading, researching and comparing dozens or even hundreds of solutions Cleerly does it for you. Simply answer a few questions using our short online survey. Cleerly uses its database of thousands of solutions and analyzes your answers to pick the best 2 or 3 that will meet your needs. Really! We have years of experience helping people find the best software and we have spent several years refining that experience into an automated process.

Our solution providers have criteria too. Why waste your time researching and contacting vendors who can’t or won’t sell to you because you are too small, too big, the wrong demographic etc? We’ve already taken that into account and will not refer you to the wrong vendor saving both you and them time and money.

Do you need multiple solutions? Cleerly often makes ancillary recommendations like adding an accounting system to an order management recommendation or an email manager to a CRM. Not all solutions are comprehensive and building a suite is a difficult if not impossible task without Cleerly’s help.

So what type of solution are you searching for today? We have dozens of categories and thousands of software solutions we can compare to your needs. Following are just some of the categories covered by Cleerly.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is used by anyone who sells just about anything. Keep track of customer contact information like email addresses, phone numbers and physical addresses as well as details about your interactions with them. Send and receive emails and keep them in one place. Schedule follow up phone calls and online meetings. Remind your staff when to get in touch again with a customer.