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This tale is part of Center point iPhone 2022 , CNET’s collection of information, tips and advice around Apple’s most popular product.

Apple’s iPhone 14 Professional and Pro Maximum may look similar to last year’s  apple iphone 13 Pro at the back, but don’t allow that fool a person. It’s the iPhone fourteen Pro’s screen exactly where there’s something different plus wonderful going on. The particular iPhone’s display step, which has defined Encounter ID iPhones given that 2017’s iPhone By , continues to be replaced with a pill-shaped screen cutout that will houses an upgraded TrueDepth camera system. By itself, that cutout can make some people happier compared to notch did. Yet it’s the space round the cutout, which right now shows system notifications and background routines, that’s become among my favorite features.

Apple company calls it the particular Dynamic Island , and it gets bigger and shrinks if you receive a call and also to display the music if you’re playing, timers as well as other notifications. I know it’s  not really the best name , but it can truly one of the best functions on the iPhone fourteen Pro and fourteen Pro Max.


  • The Powerful Island is wonderful
  • Major camera takes great photos
  • A16 Bionic nick is blazing quick

Don’t Like

  • Telephoto camera is only great in bright light
  • Desire there was an easier method to simplify the always-on display
  • Both mobile phones are hefty

The new Apple company phones also get improved cameras, a quicker processor, an always-on display and iOS 16 as well as brand new safety features including Accident Detection and Crisis SOS via Satellite television .

The particular 6. 1-inch apple iphone 14 Pro begins at $999 (£1, 099, AU$1, 749) and the 6. 7-inch 14 Pro Utmost at $1, 099 — which are exactly the same prices as 2019’s iPhone 11 Professional and 11 Professional Max. After spending a while with the phones, I believe they’re worth every penny.

The new Pros are available in space black, precious metal, silver and deeply purple — which usually, depending on the light, may look like a drab color of gray or even like  Grimace purple . The apple iphone 14 Pro plus 14 Pro Maximum go on sale Fri, Sept. 16, and they are currently available for preorder .

iPhone 14 Professional and 14 Professional Max pricing break down

Phone US price UK price AU price
apple iphone 14 Pro 128GB $999 £1, 099 AU$1, 749
iPhone fourteen Pro Max 128GB $1, 099 £1, 199 AU$1, 899
apple iphone 14 Pro 256GB $1, 099 £1, 209 AU$1, 899
apple iphone 14 Pro Maximum 256GB $1, 199 £1, 309 AU$2, 099
iPhone 14 Professional 512GB $1, 299 £1, 429 AU$2, 249
iPhone 14 Professional Max 512GB $1, 399 £1, 529 AU$2, 419
iPhone fourteen Pro 1TB $1, 499 £1, 649 AU$2, 599
iPhone fourteen Pro Max 1TB $1, 599 £1, 749 AU$2, 769

How iPhone fourteen Pro’s Dynamic Isle works

There are few exterior ways that the iPhone fourteen Pro is different through previous models. Will be certainly the aforementioned display cutout. The camera bundle is a skosh chunkier. And, like the apple iphone 14, US versions lack a Sim tray and rather use an eSIM .

But is actually that strangely called Dynamic Island that will defines the phone. The greater time I invested with the 14 Professional, the more delightful I discovered it. It works in several situations and is a simple way to see what’s going on with no pulling your interest completely away from exactly what you’re doing.

The Powerful Island shows various tiny icons plus animations. During a FaceTime call, there’s an eco-friendly camera icon in the left side.

Celso Bulgatti/CNET

The Powerful Island is online. For example , if songs is playing, the miniature waveform plus tiny thumbnail from the album artwork seems on either aspect of the cutout. Once you tap either aspect, Spotify brings up the particular song that’s presently playing. If you’re on the FaceTime call, you are able to tap and hang on the interface to create up controls.

You can tap on the TrueDepth digital cameras or off towards the sides. In my period using it, I did not notice any streaks accumulating over the selfie camera and Encounter ID didn’t appear to be affected.

If you have several background activity happening, like maybe you listening to music and also have a timer upon, the Dynamic Isle splits into 2 parts like a side by side lower-case letter we.

The iPhone 14 Professional and the Dynamic Isle are an excellent sort of Apple packaging a strong tool into a satisfying interface. It’s a pity you can only utilize it on the iPhone fourteen Pro and fourteen Pro Max. This type of fun and approachable function is bound to be a huge hit with people who also don’t use Pro variations of the iPhone.

iphone-14-pro-iphone-14-8712 iphone-14-pro-iphone-14-8712

Aside from new shades, it’s hard to inform what’s new in regards to the iPhone 14 Professional and 14 Professional Max from simply their backs.

James Martin/CNET

iPhone fourteen Pro has an always-on display

The iPhone 14 Professional runs on iOS 16 , which adds a crowd of welcome features which includes new ways to personalize your lock display screen. But there’s one particular lock screen function reserved for the fourteen Pro and fourteen Pro Max: a good always-on display.

The always-on screen is a low-power edition of your lock display screen that can show important information when your cell phone is locked. Many Android phones have experienced the feature for a long time , yet Apple’s implementation could be the most gorgeous 1 yet.

A hand holding the iphone 14 Pro by having an Always-On display active A hand keeping an iPhone 14 Professional with an Always-On screen active

The particular always-on display is definitely an attractive addition to the apple iphone.

Celso Bulgatti/CNET

The particular 14 Pro’s always-on display shows time, date, your icons, notifications and shaded-out version of your secure screen’s wallpaper. Based on how your secure screen is set up, it could look vastly various when it’s shown being an always-on display. My spouse and i fun auditioning various lock screen mixtures of wallpaper plus widgets to see just how they’d look. The colour wallpaper is also the greatest difference Apple’s always-on display makes through Android phones, which usually typically just illuminate the time and notices in monochrome.

Viewing my iPhone fourteen Pro sitting on the table with its display on took a few getting used to. I actually kept thinking that I would forgotten to secure it. To wake up, just tap the particular screen or uncover the phone.

When the fourteen Pro is confronted down, in a wallet, in a bag or even near another Apple company device that you’re making use of, it doesn’t turn on. Furthermore, there’s an option within Settings to turn this off completely.

I wish there was clearly an option to make the always-on display look a lot more discreet and, for instance , just show time and date. Officially, you could probably fixed a black wallpapers as your lock display screen and only select the time and time for the more minimal always-on display. Visually, the particular 14 Pro’s always-on display has a great deal going on which I discovered distracting when our phone was face-up next to me.

Consumed total, the Powerful Island, the new secure screen layout as well as the always-on display associated with 14 Pro one of the most approachable iPhone just for managing alerts plus notifications. And I suppose experience will only improve once live actions for the lock display in iOS sixteen is available in full. (The live activities function displays real time up-dates from apps in your lock screen, so that you can track the improvement of a rideshare or even follow the score of the sporting event. ) 

Apple iphone 4 14 Pro video camera lenses Apple iphone 4 14 Pro video camera lenses

Appearance how far the digicam lenses on the two week Pro protrude from the body.

David Martin/CNET

iPhone 14 Expert camera

The iPhone 14 Master has three back cameras: a main wide-angle camera, an ultrawide and a telephoto digicam with 3x optic zoom. The webpage on the main digital camera has a wider main length, going from the 26mm equivalent about previous iPhone types to a 24mm specific. It’s not drastically diverse, but it helps drive more moreattract of the scene to the frame.

The main surveillance camera also gets the latest larger 48-megapixel messfühler . Despite the fact that more megapixels doesn’t invariably mean better photographs, Apple divides your pixels into teams of four and offers them into one much larger pixel. The result is a fabulous 12-megapixel photo which may be brighter, has much less image noise more enhanced detail.

A streetcar rotating a corner A streetcar rounding some sort of corner

I took the following photo just after dark. Notice how the 15 Pro was able to obtain a bright exposure with out lot of light.

Patrick Holland/CNET

The main camcorder takes excellent photographs: The image quality not to mention details are great for the phone. I noticed the best improvement is in choice and low-light conditions: Colors look good plus textures are great. Browse photo below, i took on a foggish morning in S . fransisco. Notice the textures inside the buildings’ bricks plus the gradual way this 14 Pro snagged the fog engulfing the top of Salesforce Tower.

A bunch of building which has a skyscraper covered throughout fog A few building with a skyscraper covered in fog

When I had taken this photo, there was clearly a lot of fog. Spot the details the 12 Pro was still allowed to capture.

Meat Holland/CNET

The photo listed below was shot within palm tree’s camouflaged canopy. The fourteen Pro did a job of getting the different textures inside the leaves and start barking while also increasing the brightness.

Underneath a hands tree looking up Underneath a hands tree looking up

Notice the branches and bark especially.

Patrick Holland/CNET

When you are so inclined, you may capture 48-megapixel pictures using the phone’s ProRaw setting. I should notify you that these documents are big. Often the file for the shot below of the These types of Bridge at sun is 48 mega bytes. After editing, this photo is stored as a much smaller JPEG. Look closely with the details of the cars as well as bridge’s support wires and cables.

The Gulf Bridge The Gulf Bridge

This photo was first taken with the total 48-megapixel resolution from the main camera’s fühler and saved just as one Apple ProRaw record.

Patrick Holland/CNET

Often the ultrawide camera can get a new sensor with increased focus pixels along with stepped-down f2. 3 aperture lens. Almost the entire package adds up to much crisper ultrawide photos. The particular sensor — joined with Apple’s revamped picture processing, which this calls the Photonic Engine — provides you with much better photos within less ideal scenarios.

A man walking to this counter in a coffeeshop A man approaching the counter in a very coffeeshop

I love how dramatic often the ultrawide camera do this man walking in the direction of a coffee countertop look.

Meat Holland/CNET

Ultrawide photos and videos continue to be a step down when compared with those from the primary camera, but these advancements are welcomed.

Macro photos also get an improvement. When you try to require a photo with the chief camera when rising close to a subject, the apple iphone 14 Pro fuses to the ultrawide camcorder and crops typically the framing to imitate the main camera. This lets for a closer concentration, which is great for close-up shots of compact things. Last year’s 13 Pro a new similar feature, using the new ultrawide, macro photos have far better image quality, specially in medium and little light.

A little car made from Profano bricks A little car made from Profano bricks

Macro mode permits you to get within inches wide of your subject as well as have it be in concentrate, like this Lego vehicle.

Patrick Holland/CNET

The exact telephoto camera is actually identical to the you on last year’s 13 Pro, still gets a lift with the 14 Pro’s Photonic Engine processing. Similar to the ultrawide, photo quality is an action behind the main digital camera — especially in dimmer environments.

The Embarcadero in San Francisco The Muelle in San Francisco

I just took this snapshot of the Embarcadero throughout San Francisco during glowing blue hour with the 16 Pro’s telephoto surveillance camera.

Patrick Holland/CNET

The exact TrueDepth camera obtained an upgraded lens by using a brighter f1. being unfaithful aperture. And the selfie camera has autofocus for the first time ever, which in turn works great for collection selfies. Here are some considerably more photos that I got with the iPhone 15 Pro and 13 Pro Max.

Two super great people posing Two super smart men and women posing

Typically the front-facing camera has autofocus.

Tanker Holland/CNET

A black color cat lounging over a rug A black color cat lounging over a rug

Interior shots under merged lighting usually bode well.

Patrick Holland/CNET

A chocolate dessert with a bite removed from it A cookies cookie with a sexe taken out of it

Another macro picture from the 14 Expert.

Patrick Holland/CNET

img-0111 img-0111

This club was pretty black color, but look meticulously at the details from the signs and folks’ skin tones.

Patrick Holland/CNET

Cinematic way can now record through 4K and at per day frames per second. There’s a fresh video image stablizing tool called Activity mode. When you capture a video you can toggle it on and the product crops in a bit to prevent the image centered as well as the horizon level. If you are shooting in 4K, Action mode is catagorized the resolution to be able to 2 . 8K though the results are still extraordinary. While other telephones, like the Galaxy S22 Ultra, have very similar stabilization functions, is actually wonderful to see the device come to the iPhone. But it works across all rear cameras.

While testing videos shot with minus Action mode, I got reminded how good the stabilization is in ordinary video mode. Go into the video below to find the clips I opportunity with the iPhone fourteen inches Pro and 18 Pro Max.  

iPhone 14 Master speed

Driving all these enhancements is Apple’s brand new A16 Bionic nick . Utilized, everything feels peppy. Gaming is an substantial delight. And sophisticated things, like animated graphics as you move in as well as out of the Dynamic Is, are super modern. In our benchmark checks, the iPhone 14 Expert and 14 Professional Max proved that they are not only faster when compared to any iPhone coming from ever tested, and yet they’re the most effective phones you can buy in these days.

Check out our standard test results listed below.

Geekbench Versus. 5. 0 single-core

Apple iPhone 13 Pro

Apple iPhone 14 Expert Max

Apple iPhone 13 Master


Longer bars specify better performance

Geekbench V. 5. zero multicore

Iphone 14 Pro

Apple iPhone 18 Pro Max

Apple iPhone thirteen Pro


Longer rods indicate better performance

3DMark Wildlife Severe

Apple iPhone fourteen Pro

Apple iPhone 14 Master Max

Apple iPhone 13 Expert


Longer bars suggest better performance

iPhone 16 Pro battery

The regular fourteen Pro’s battery possessed no problem making it through on a daily basis. I typically acquired 6 hours involving screen-on time. In the 14 Pro Utmost, I was able to frequently get a day . 5 on a single charge.

Billing is OK. My partner and i charged the 18 Pro Max just for 30 minutes and the wide variety went from 14% to 59%. Your 14 Pro gone from 51% to help 84%.

Apple iPhone 14 Master vs . iPhone tough luck Pro camera bump Apple iPhone fourteen inches Pro vs . new iphone 4 13 Pro surveillance camera bump

On the left hand side is the iPhone thirteen Pro and on the correct the new iPhone fourteen Pro.

Fred Martin/CNET

iPhone 13 Pro vs . i phone 13 Pro, 14 Pro, 11 Expert

If you have last year’s iPhone 13 Master, I don’t think make sure you upgrade. While the advancements and new features have a relatively lot of sizzle, about to catch getting a drastically assorted experience. Upgrade your tough luck Pro to iOS 16 and enjoy the fresh new features from that software programs update instead.

But if you act like you have an iPhone twelve Pro and have the itch to upgrade, this 14 Pro is usually a sizable step up concerning performance, battery life, digital camera quality and additional functions like the Dynamic Tropical isle.

And if you’re rocking an iPhone 11 Expert or older, the apple iphone 14 Pro is definitely a giant upgrade general.

iphone4 14 specs versus iPhone 14 And also, 14 Pro, 13 Pro Max

iphone 4 14 i phone 14 Plus iPhone 14 Professional iPhone 12 Pro Max
Show size, resolution 6. 1-inch OLED; 2, 532×1, 169 pixels 6th. 7-inch OLED; only two, 778×1, 284 pxs 6. 1-inch Super Retina XDR, OLED display, two, 556×1, 179 sujet 6. 7-inch Super Retina XDR, OLED display, a couple of, 796×1, 290 point
Article density 460 ppi 458 ppi 460 ppi 460 ppi
Dimensions (Inches) 5. 78 lourd 2 . 82 lourd 0. 31 during. 6. thirty-three x 3. ’07 x 0. 31st in. your five. 81 x second . 81 x zero. 31 in. 6. 33 ordinaire 3. 05 impudique 0. 31 around.
Length and width (Millimeters) 147 x 72 goujat 7. 8mm 161 x 79 x 7. 8mm 147. quite a few x 71. a few x 7. 85mm 160. 8 x 77. six x 7. 85mm
Unwanted weight (Ounces, Grams) 6. 07 ounces; 172g 8. 16 oz .; 203g 7. twenty seven oz .; 206g 8. 47 ounces; 240g
Mobile software iOS 16 iOS 16 iOS 16 iOS 16
Rear dslr cameras 12MP (wide), 12MP (ultrawide) 12MP (wide), 12MP (ultrawide) 48MP (wide), 12MP (ultrawide), 12MP (telephoto) 48MP (wide), 12MP (ultrawide), 12MP (telephoto)
Front facing camera 12-megapixel 12-megapixel 12-megapixel 12-megapixel
Video capture HDR video recording utilizing Dolby Vision nearly 4K at 61 fps HDR video recording using Dolby Vision about 4K at 61 fps HDR video recording together with Dolby Vision approximately 4K at 62 fps HDR video recording using Dolby Vision about 4K at 59 fps
Processor The apple company A15 Bionic Apple A15 Bionic Apple A16 Bionic Apple company A16 Bionic
Storage 128GB, 256GB, 512GB 128GB, 256GB, 512GB 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB
RAM Undisclosed Undisclosed Undisclosed Undisclosed
Expandable storage No Hardly any No No
Battery Undisclosed; Apple times 20 hours involving video playback Undisclosed; Apple displays 26 hours about video playback Undisclosed; Apple details 29 hours for video playback Undisclosed; Apple and also 29 hours about video playback
Fingerprint fühler No (Face ID) Virtually no (Face ID) No (Face ID) No (Face ID)
Connector Super Lightning Lightning Super
Head-phone jack Not any No No Zero
Special features 5G enabled; MagSafe; water resistant (IP68); wi-fi charging; dual-SIM skills (e-SIM) 5G enabled; MagSafe; water-resistant (IP68); wireless recharging; dual-SIM capabilities (e-SIM) Dynamic Tropical island; Always-On display; 5G enabled; MagSafe; waterproof (IP68); wireless asking; dual-SIM capabilities (e-SIM) Dynamic Tropical isle; Always-On display; 5G enabled; MagSafe; water repellent (IP68); wireless getting; dual-SIM capabilities (e-SIM)
Price off-contract (USD) $799 (128GB), $899 (256GB), $1, 099 (512GB) $899 (128GB), $999 (256GB), $1, 199 (512GB) $999 (128GB), $1, 099 (256GB), $1, 299 (512GB), $1, 499 (1TB) $1, 099 (128GB), $1, 199 (256GB), $1, 399 (512GB), $1, 599 (1TB)
Price (GBP) £849 (128GB) £949 (128GB) £1, 099 (128GB) £1, 199 (128GB)
Price (AUD) AU$1, 399 (128GB) AU$1, 579 (128GB) AU$1, 749 (128GB) AU$1, 899 (128GB)

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