Just how Gladly’s New Customer Service Device Boosts JOANN’s Brand Existence

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Gladly announced a self-service conjunction with its platform that enables a lot more personalized, always-on service upon Jan. 29, 2020. This particular self-service tool saves the client service agents’ time plus allows customers to choose the way they want to engage with brands. Earlier users of this product, which includes JOANN, found that clients were able to find answers rapidly and accurately while preserving customer services’ time for further complicated issues.


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In this exceptional Martech Hype conversation, Joseph Ansanelli , CEO associated with Gladly, plus Drew Chamberlain , movie director of operations and client experience at JOANN , share their story about how the self-service tool assists streamline customer care services, increases brand presence, and more.

Having spent the majority of his career in business owner building and investing in businesses, Ansanelli leads Gladly’ s i9000 customer service software operations plus prioritizes diversity in every area of the business.

Along with almost two decades of encounter working on Customer Relationship Administration (CRM), databases, and team development, Chamberlain focuses on creating excellent customer experiences every day in JOANN.

Here are some excerpts from the informative conversation with MarTech Consultant:

MarTech Advisor: Happily recently announced a self-service addition to the platform that enables a lot more personalized, always-on service. Do you know the top 3 insights plus learnings that brands may draw from this self-service device?

Joseph: Gladly’ s Self Services product can provide important information to brands about what their particular customers are searching for and how they would like to engage with the brands these people love.

Happily Self Service gives clients answers to common queries based on context from their present behavior, which provides the most precise, of-the-moment information to hectic customers. As brands obtain a better understanding of the sorts of questions customers are searching for, they could better anticipate their requirements in the future and can provide wealthy FAQs that keep clients moving throughout the process.

In addition , customer expectations are continuously evolving — a primary pattern we’ ve observed is that customers want to select how they engage with a brand. Among those choices is often to function themselves, and as more clients leverage Gladly Self Assistance, brands have a clearer concept of how customers want to develop a relationship with a brand for future years.  

MarTech Consultant: What are the top 3 advantages for customer service-oriented brand names to allow customers to handle a problem on their own before reaching out to the live representative?  

Joseph: Happily Self Service offers clients more choice about how these people engage with brands and places answers at their convenience for the most radically private customer service possible.

  • Customers wish to choose – Research from Forrester shows that sixty six percent of U. T. online adults believe valuing their time is the most important matter a company can do to provide these good online customer encounter. Customers really want the option in order to self-serve, and brands that provide them what they want foster appreciate and loyalty.
  • Fast, efficient answers – Self Service provides customers tools to find solutions on their own, without waiting for an realtor. For all customers that connect to Self Service through the Happily chat widget, 64% certainly not proceed to starting a conversation, which indicates that Personal Service was able to answer relevant questions accurately.
  • A lot more productive agents – Gladly arms agencies with the context, history, plus details they need to assist clients, so they can easily and effortlessly pick up conversations right exactly where they left off in case a customer needs extra assist.    

MarTech Advisor: What are the 3 or more biggest changes you see occurring in JOANN’ s functions and your go to market technique after adopting Gladly’ t Self-Service tool?


  • Happily Self Service gives clients the tools to find answers by themselves, without waiting for an agent or even spending time to hunt down info. With Gladly Self Services, we can answer customers’ queries faster, and better fulfill customers where and when they wish to be helped. Customers will find answers to common queries, saving time for both the broker and the customer.
  • If a consumer reaches out to a reside agent using Gladly’ s i9000 Self Service tools, then your tools arm agents using the context, history, and information they need to assist customers. They could pick up conversations seamlessly with no missing a beat in case a customer needs extra assist, making customer service radically individual at every turn.
  • Overall, we’ ll see more successful agents, reduced wait situations for customer service, and, most significantly, happier customers.

MarTech Advisor: How have JOANN customers become more self-sufficient? About what ways have streamlining customer service services boosted brand like, in the form of Net Promoter Rating (NPS) for JoAnn?

Drew: JOANN customers want the ability to provide themselves on their terms, plus Gladly’ s intuitive, user friendly Self Service allows us to provide customers that freedom. Several customers leverage Gladly Personal Service to find personal information (i. e., a routing quantity or loyalty membership information) while others have questions regarding return policies or shop hours.

In either case, Gladly Personal Service allows us to answer queries faster, giving customers additional time to focus on finding their innovative happy places. Even more, we’ re able to truly be familiar with root of the issues our clients are having, so they don’ to need to continue asking exactly the same questions.  

MarTech Advisor: What’ s available in the customer experience (CX) space for JOANN within 2020?

Drew: In the next year, we’ ll continue to put the client at the center of everything, being a destination brand and making a happy place for crafters.

At JOANN, we provide the products customers require, but we’ re also a location where people can come collectively as a community and learn from another and from our staff members, both online and in-stores. We’ ll continue to focus on developing our community in the next 12 months.  

About Gladly

Gladly will be the only platform making customer support radically personal by enabling agents to communicate with clients seamlessly across channels. Happily centers customer service around the individual, not a case or solution number, giving agents complete visibility of customers in a single see. With Gladly, the world’ s most innovative consumer businesses like JetBlue, JOANN, plus TUMI develop lifelong consumer relationships, not one-off encounters.

Regarding JOANN

For more than seventy five years, JOANN has motivated creativity in the hearts, fingers, and minds of its clients. From a single storefront within Cleveland, Ohio, the nation’ s leading fabric plus craft retailer has grown to incorporate more than 865 stores throughout 49 states and a good industry-leading e-commerce business. Using the goal of helping each customer find their innovative Happy Place, JOANN is a convenient single end for all the supplies, guidance, plus inspiration needed to achieve any kind of project or passion.

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Find the Right CRM Software Now. It's Free, Easy & Quick

Follow our CRM News page for breaking articles on Customer Relationship Management software. Find useful articles like How to Choose a CRM System, CRM 101, the CRM Method and CRM and the Cloud. And when you're ready let us help you find the right Customer Relationship Management software.

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