The particular Download: music-making AI, and Kasparov’s beat

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This is all of us edition of  The Down load ,   our weekday newsletter that provides a regular dose of what’s happening in the world of technology.

Google’s new AI may hear a little of song—and after that keep on playing

A new AI system can create natural-sounding speech and songs after being motivated with a few seconds associated with audio.

AudioLM, produced by Google researchers, produces audio that suits the style of the particular prompt, including complicated sounds like piano songs, or people talking, in a way that is almost indistinguishable from the original documenting. Crucially, it does not require labor-intensive transcribing or labeling in contrast to most other AI-generated sound. Find out more, and pay attention to the sounds this created, here .

—Tammy Xu

I Was Right now there When: AI perfected chess

I Was There Whenever is an oral background project that’s section of our award-winning Within Machines We Rely on podcast. It functions stories of how innovations and watershed occasions in artificial cleverness and computing occurred, as told by people who witnessed all of them.  

Within the latest episode we satisfy one of the world’s finest chess players, Garry Kasparov, and listen to why his reduction against IBM’s Heavy Blue computer quarter of a century ago still issues today. Listen to this on Apple Pod-casts , or anywhere you usually go for pod-casts.  

Is a covid plus flu “twindemic” arriving?

Should you be feeling a bit beneath the weather, rest assured, you are not alone. For those people in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s just that time of the year. That’s partly the reason why health authorities to both sides of the Ocean are urging individuals to get vaccinated—against both flu and covid-19.  

Recently, we’ve heard alerts of a flu plus covid “twindemic” coming. Should we worry? Let our older biomedicine reporter Jessica Hamzelou walk a person through the risks .  

Jess’s story is from your Checkup, her brand new weekly newsletter offering you the inside track upon all things health and tech-related. Register to receive this in your inbox each Thursday.

The particular must-reads

I’ve combed the internet to find a person today’s most fun/important/scary/fascinating stories about technologies.

1 This is what lifetime in the metaverse is much like
It may be pretty fun—if you are able to afford it. ( NYT   $)
+   Yet Meta employees on their own aren’t convinced . ( The Brink )

2 The winter covid influx looks likely 
And this period, we’re doing next-to-nothing to stop it. ( Ars Technica )
Long covid is still disabling countless Americans.   ( Axios )
How the Chinese language doctor who seemed the alarm more than covid spent their final days.   ( NYT   $)

3 Elon Musk has three several weeks to buy Twitter
If he or she doesn’t go through from it in that timeframe, it is back to the court room. ( Quartz )
What happens today?   ( The Guardian )
Lost a record of all the twists plus turns? Here’s the handy timeline.   ( FEET   $)
Musk says he’ll turn Twitter right into a ‘super app’. Here is how these applications work . ( BBC )

4 Self-driving vehicles still seem to be on the path to nowhere  🚗
Even after hundred buck billion has been put into their development. ( Bloomberg   $)
Uber remains betting it can create robotaxis work.   ( The particular Verge )
The big new concept for making self-driving vehicles that can go anyplace . ( DURCH Technology Review )

5 Search engines has unveiled 2 text-to-video AI techniques
The particular videos they generate are impressive, plus vaguely unsettling. ( The Verge )
This is what the following generation of AI looks like.   ( MIT Technologies Review

6 An changer is suing TikTok over scam advertisements that use her video clips
This kind of fraudulent marketing is definitely rife online—and there are a growing political general opinion in favor of an attack. ( WP   $)

seven Crypto exchange Binance says hackers took $100 million
This is another example of a ‘bridge’ attack between 2 blockchains. ( WSJ   $)
These commonplace hackers demonstrate how safety is an afterthought within the crypto industry . ( MIT Technologies Review )

8 Boston Characteristics has pledged to not weaponize its programs
Excellent, but the next issue is: how do they will stop customers through doing it? ( Axios )

nine This is why you can’t tickle yourself 
Your brain knows what is coming. ( ” cable ”   $)

10 It’s awesome to hate upon candy corn on the web
In case you live in the US, it is simply impossible to prevent at this time of 12 months. ( The Ocean   $)

Quote of the day

“I sent it towards the whole team. All of us did that—look from that. ”

—Elena Adams, the particular lead engineer just for NASA’s asteroid-smashing DART spacecraft, tells the  New Yorker   what the lady did with the telescope images of the consequences of the collision a week ago.  

The big tale

India’s water turmoil is already here. Environment change will substance it.

Severe droughts have drained streams, reservoirs, and aquifers across vast areas of India in recent years, pressing the nation’s leaking, polluted water techniques to the brink.

More than six hundred million Indians encounter acute water disadvantages. Seventy percent of the nation’s water supply is usually contaminated, causing approximately 200, 000 fatalities a year, and some twenty one cities could go out of groundwater as soon as next year.

Climate change will certainly make the problem even worse. It’s uncertain exactly what role higher temperature ranges have played within recent droughts, because the climate models possess mainly predicted progressively intense Indian monsoons. But the longer-term prediction is that the extremes can be more extreme, intimidating more frequent water damage and longer droughts. Read the complete story .

—James Temple

We can still have good things

A place for convenience, fun and distraction during these weird times. (Got any ideas?   Drop me a series   or  tweet ’em on me . )

+ This  list of the particular world’s 50 greatest bars   is guaranteed to end up being hotly contested. Just one way to check, We suppose… I’d much better pack my hand bags!  
+ The  moustache   is formally back in fashion.  
+ Do not even think about going to somewhere new with no doing a  feel check   on Google Maps.
+ Here’s just how long it takes to color an enormous (and significantly impressive)  mural .
+ Stephen King—of  comedy .

Find the Right CRM Software Now. It's Free, Easy & Quick

Follow our CRM News page for breaking articles on Customer Relationship Management software. Find useful articles like How to Choose a CRM System, CRM 101, the CRM Method and CRM and the Cloud. And when you're ready let us help you find the right Customer Relationship Management software.

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