Cleerly Partner Benefits

Why Partner with Cleerly?

You probably use pay per click (PPC) services like Capterra, or pay per lead (PPL) sites like Software Advice. If so, you know the cost per lead is high and you have to pay first then wade through dozens of poor leads to find a single good one.

Cleerly is different. Our Pay Per Sale (PPS) model is the fairest, least expensive and most effective method available. With Cleerly you:

  • Only pay for leads that close
  • Never pay in advance to receive a lead
  • Get qualified leads with up to 30 points of information

It’s simple – we only get paid when you do.

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Cleerly offers two easy methods of payment.

  1. We can use your existing partner program – If you have a referral or reseller plan in place let us know. We will contact you after registration to sign up for your existing program. Then we can start sending you leads and collect payment as they close or whatever cycle you have already set up (weekly, monthly etc).
  2. Ask for our Partner Agreement – Don’t have a program in place? No problem. Request our agreement and we can arrange for payment by ACH, check, Paypal or another convenient method. See the sample agreement here.

Note: Cleerly is primarily based on an honor system but we do audit our referrals to find out where they are in the decision process and what they purchased. We will let you know if they are considering your product(s) or made a purchase you overlooked. 

How much does it cost? See our PPC vs PPS analysis for a full breakdown.

Lead Delivery

If you have not seen it yet please check out our Sample Prospect Form. Cleerly collects lots of detailed information about each prospect including:

  1. Qualification Details (timeframe, budget, contact info)
  2. Type of Software needed
  3. Pain Points
  4. Current solutions in use

And more. Cleery can email the lead form or upload it to your partner portal or directly into your CRM. 

Lead Volume

Depending on when you are reading this our monthly lead volume to you can be anywhere from 5 to 50+ leads depending on your software category(ies), and whether you have submitted your product to our review pages

The most important thing you can do to increase your lead volume is complete the Request for Information (RFI) you can find in your Partner Portal or shared with you via Google Docs. Cleerly works by comparing prospects requests to thousands of data elements using advanced algorithms and a final personal expert review. The more information we have about your product(s) the more likely we are to recommend it. The good news is you can fill our your RFI as you have time and when anything changes. Just let us know and we will update our matrices with the new data and start sending your more leads.

Who is Cleerly?

We’ve been around the software industry a long time – many of us over 20 years. Cleerly was founded in 2009 to help customers “find the right software”. In the beginning our experts would speak to clients to determine their needs then recommend solutions based on our experience and constant research. In 2018 we automated that process with deep analysis across thousands of solutions. And we are always improving the process. Our goal is simple – we want to provide you with highly qualified leads and match our customers to the best possible solution. Sometimes that is a single offering. Other times we may suggest 2, 3 or even more compatible products.

We are based in Colorado and many of us work from home. You can find us in Boulder, Colorado Springs and even in the high mountains. Your partner portal is your connection to us with a private messaging board, shared docs and hot leads so check it often or watch your email.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose so…

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