Accounting Software
Primarily designed for accounting but may offer additional features like order management, inventory etc.
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Billing and Invoicing Software
Used to create invoices to send to customers that they can typically pay online.
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Customer Relation Management (CRM)
Focuses on managing customer contacts. Used primarily by sales teams.
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Customer Service Software
Used by customer service centers to manage calls, emails and correspondence with customers. May include CRM features.
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Enterprise Resource Planning Software
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software Is usually suited best to medium to large size companies that want an all inclusive …
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ecommerce Software
Typically webstores and online shopping solutions.
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Inventory Management Software
Manages your inventory counts, purchasing, receiving and may include warehouse management. Can also include order management, online integrations and drop …
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Multi Channel Software
Focuses on listing tools for channels like amazon, ebay, ecommerce stores etc. Typically creates listings, updates products, downloads orders and …
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Order Management Software
Focused primarily on order entry and import, but typically also includes inventory and customer management. May interface with online orders …
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Point of Sale (POS)
Point of Sale (POS) is typically used by retailers for walk in customers. May also support online orders.
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Payment Processors
Merchant Service providers that give you the ability to charge credit cards.
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Warehouse Management Software
Primary focus is on optimizing and organizing warehouse(s) but usually used for inventory management as well.
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