What is Cleerly

Our Mission:

Choosing a software or cloud solution to run your business is difficult. Cleerly analyzes your needs and recommends a short list of solutions – for free.

Unlike sites that show you vendors who paid to be listed first Cleerly shows you only the top solutions that match your specific needs.

Take the hassle and uncertainty out of choosing technology for your business. Leave it to the experts at Cleerly. Ready? Fill out the 2 step form at the link below.

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Why this works

First let’s talk about what doesn’t work. Advertisers pay a lot of money to put their product in front of you. They may focus on a few keywords or categories to “target” you, but the reality is they don’t know you at all.

Are you looking for a way to list your product on Amazon, ebay etc? Try a google search. Type something like “listing software for Amazon” or choose one of the 500+ categories on Capterra.com. The results presented to you first are the ones that paid the highest advertising dollars. Hundreds more are listed in no particular order. Are those the solutions you need? Probably not.


The “Cleerly Method” is Agnostic

At Cleerly we take a completely different approach. We collect just enough information so it’s not an ominous task to complete our form and then we compare your answers to thousands of solutions to find the ones that match your needs. But that’s not all. An expert then manually reviews your answers and further refines the results.

We don’t play favorites. Most of our vendors pays us a finder’s fee but even if they pay us nothing we always suggest the solutions that are best for you. It’s a win for everyone. Vendors get qualified leads for people that really want and need their solutions. You save weeks of research and narrow your search to a few highly qualified candidates. No one wastes anyone else’s time – no cold calls, no high pressured sales and no ill fitting software that fails and causes everyone harm.

The Cleerly Method is disruptive. It flies in the face of traditional marketing and high cost advertising. 


Yes, you can pay us

Sometimes your needs are more complex than our forms can encompass. Or, maybe you just want to talk to someone. We can do that too. Our experts have spoken to thousands of people just like you with unique needs and lots of questions. We can provide, for a reasonable fee:

  1. An in-depth analysis of your needs – through phone calls and a review of your operations, even on site visits, we can provide an even more targeted list of solutions that meet your requirements
  2. Request for Information (RFI) creation – Want a list of requirements you can send to each vendor and have them respond in writing. RFI’s are a great way to gather information and complete your due diligence.
  3. Product Comparison – Narrowed down to a couple of contenders? We know what you are looking for and can help you decide with a side-by-side comparison
  4. Return on Investment (ROI) – Cost is only one consideration, but for many it is the deciding factor. We can create simple ROI comparisons of your top contenders and even your existing solution. You’ll be surprised by the results.
  5. Implementation Assistance – Need someone to help you install and use your new systems? We have experienced implementation partners that specialize in specific solutions, industries and more.

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